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Air Abrasion

A new technology using air and sand for tooth preparation combined with new filling materials is enabling dentists to more comfortably perform some restorative procedures.

Like sand blasters used to clean buildings, dental air abrasion units feature an air compression device that deliver tiny particles (aluminum oxide) under pressure to the surface of a tooth. These particles, delivered at high speed, abrade the tooth and enable a dentist to remove decayed tooth material in preparation for a filling or the placement of sealants.


The Zoom! Take-Home System just might be the fastest way to whiten your teeth outside your dentist’s office. It’s safe, fast and effective. In just three nights, your teeth can be dramatically whiter. Zoom! Take-Home is perfect for people on the go and anyone who wants to be a “multi-tasker.”


Although the use of Fluoride has decreased the incidence of decay and strengthens tooth enamel, it has made detection of early signs of decay more difficult. The DIAGNOdent is a clinical device used as an aid in the early detection of caries (decay). It provides information to supplement the dentist’s visual observations, consideration of patient’s histories, and information from other diagnostic modalities. Its use is limited to the flat surfaces and the grooves in a tooth.

Periodontal Laser is the latest weapon in the fight against gum disease. About 50% of all adults in the US (100 million people) have moderate to severe periodontitis or gum disease. But, only 3% are treated each year. Fear of pain usually keeps sufferers from seeking dental treatment.

Periodontal Laser is noninvasive, less traumatic and does not require the use any blades or stitches, That means no cutting, no sutures, and minimal bleeding.

Procedures using this form of therapy are relatively pain-free, require less time, and the recovery period is extremely shortened without creating any interruptions to your daily schedule. Our patients are happy with the results!

Infection Control

At our office, infection control is a serious topic. Many dental offices will show you a sterilizer, but at North River Dental Group, we have a state of the art Sterilization Center. Our goal is to give all our patients an ideal visit. This includes the equipment, materials and delivery systems.

We know that many people are concerned about the possible transmission of diseases in dental offices. We practice universal precautions as recommended by the American Dental Association and OSHA. Our handpieces (drill) and instruments are autoclaved (high pressure steam sterilized). Those few items which cannot be autoclaved are either disposable or cold sterilized using chemical solutions. We wear gloves, masks and protective eyewear for our protection as well as our patients


The New Standard in Color Matching New ShadeEye-EX™ Chroma Meter is so accurate, it makes other shade matching methods obsolete. Finally, there's a fast, easy way to accurately measure your tooth's exact shade. ShadeEye-EX eliminates all of the variables - lighting, surrounding colors, the skill level of the shade taker, the individual's eye for color, even fatigue - and quickly and effortlessly prints out a "recipe" based on the Vintage Halo system for porcelain restorations.

WAND System

The WAND System is the first recognized advancement in anesthetic injections since the invention of the syringe. Innovative technology and design positively impacts every aspect of the injection, reducing operator strain, creating new injection techniques, enhancing site-specific injections, in many cases eliminating numbness of face and lips and delivering a more predictable, rapid onset of anesthesia with less anesthetic. Perhaps the most anticipated reward is The Wand's ability to deliver a virtually pain-free injection, reducing patient fear and anxiety in the chair. Most pain associated with injection is caused by the flow of anesthetic. Injected too quickly, it creates a burning sensation. The WAND's computer-controlled ability to automatically deliver local anesthetic solution at precise pressure regardless of tissue density and resistance, results in a controlled, highly effective and virtually pain-free and comfortable injection.

Low Radiation X-Rays

Our patients enjoy peace of mind knowing that Dr. Shaffer uses only proven technologies to help protect and enhance their smiles. Ranging from Sirona 3D low radiation digital imaging x-rays to drill-free dentistry, the tools and techniques of modern dentistry are something everyone can appreciate. Efficient treatments get you on the road to a better smile fast, letting you spend your days doing what you love